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Tai Chi: an active meditation

How well do you know Tai Chi? This martial art is often associated, by the majority, with a softer discipline. Through the practice of Tai Chi, one seeks to develop the "internal" side of one's person. All this, through long and large movements that follow one another in a meditative spirit. We can therefore say that it is, in a way, a form of active meditation that offers many benefits to those who practice it.

Tai Chi: a Yin activity

For several years now, we have observed that physical activities with a Yin character have been gaining in popularity. And Tai Chi definitely falls into this category!

But first, let's take the time to answer this first question: what is Yin?

Yin and Yang: better understand the symbol of the Tao

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The symbol of the Tao, this union between Yin and Yang, has a rather powerful meaning. In a few words, this sign actually represents the balance present in everything. We see two "opposing" forces, Yin and Yang, which unite to form a whole in harmony.

  • Yin refers to the "internal" side of each person, to their inner strength.

  • Yang is associated with the "external" side of each person and with brute force.

Tai Chi: achieving balance through inner strength

In the world of martial arts, you could say that Tai Chi is associated with Yin, since it emphasizes inner strength and the "inner" side. Kung Fu, for its part, is more associated with Yang by putting forward a brute force, or the “external” side.

But, the beauty of martial arts is that in reality, these two disciplines rather tend to a search for balance between this internal and external side of each.

  • Through the regular and assiduous practice of Tai Chi, a great external force will manifest and unite with the power of the inner force that is put forward.

  • For those who practice Kung Fu, this notion is just as important. The union between Yin and Yang is at the heart of this martial discipline. Indeed, the brute force of Kung Fu emanates, develops and amplifies from our inner strength.

Tai Chi and Yoga: interesting similarities

Yoga has greatly increased in popularity over time. And we can well understand it. Through the frenetic pace of modern life, the pressure of performance and competitiveness, activities like yoga allow you to stop a little, take the time to breathe and refocus. Tai Chi undoubtedly falls into this same category of activities, focusing on personal development and achieving balance.

What do Yoga and Tai Chi have in common?

Tai Chi and yoga have some interesting similarities in their approach. And this, both physically and spiritually. Both put forward a multitude of postures performed with a specific intention. Tai Chi and yoga allow us to focus on the present moment and our inner sensations.

As much in yoga as in Tai Chi, certain key elements are inseparable from the practice:

  • endurance ;

  • flexibility;

  • breath synchronization;

  • fluidity;

  • and control.

Active meditation: the distinctive element of Tai Chi

The particularity of Tai Chi lies above all in the movements and mobility of this discipline. In a quest for balance and inner serenity, the regular practice of Tai Chi will also allow, in the longer term, the development of physical skills.

By mastering this martial art, the intention is to achieve a series of sequences of movements in a “meditative” spirit.

This is why it is referred to as active meditation or moving meditation. When we no longer have to think about the next movements, we can thus concentrate entirely on the feeling and on the energy in action.

“In my opinion, this is the real treasure behind the practice of Tai Chi. To be able to create a void: to reach a state of relaxation and acuity of the mind, a stable and peaceful emotional state. To live the moment of movement, to perceive the subtleties of energy and forces in the body . »

In its fusion between Yin and Yang, between internal strength and physical abilities, Tai Chi is a discipline that deserves to be discovered. Through our daily busy lives, the practice of this active meditation allows us to refocus and focus on achieving a certain balance essential to our well-being and our health.

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