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INSTINCT MARTIAL invites you to discover the Kung Fu, a very unique Chinese martial art!

This course is for anyone who wants to learn Kung Fu. In our premises in Quebec, you will benefit from a complete and adapted training. Our Kung Fu classes are perfect to meet your needs, both for physical conditioning and self-control. The development of muscular strength, endurance and flexibility are all aspects put forward. In addition to being intrinsic objectives to the practice of Kung Fu!

What makes Kung Fu different from other martial arts?

Kung Fu offers a multitude of sequences and unique exercises combining strength, flexibility, fluidity and agility. And this, with 360° freedom of movement. This martial art is characterized by strong and low positions, anchored to the ground in order to lower the center of gravity and achieve powerful and efficient weight transfers. We find in the Kung Fu a fusion between precision and finesse of execution resulting in grace and lightness in these techniques. A diligent and regular practice of this martial art offers a multitude of benefits, which can lead to a harmonization of body and mind.


Through the mastery of Kung Fu, a balance settles down allowing the development of all aspects of the human being. The benefits, both physical and mental, also reverberate psychologically and sometimes even spiritually.

Depuis presque deux mois j'ai commencé le Kung Fu à Instinct Martial. J'avais une petite appréhension quant à mes capacités notamment en endurance. Dès la fin du premier cours je me suis surprise. Cette école permet le dépassement de soi et bien d'autres choses encore grâce à Michael et à son équipe, qui sont passionnés par ce qu'ils font. L'entraide entre élève est très présente et plaisante. Je recommande vivement cette école.

- Audrey Julien


The practice of Kung Fu represents a functional training which makes it possible to develop a multitude of beneficial skills:

  • Motor coordination;

  • Strength and Power;

  • Cardiorespiratory and muscular endurance;

  • Flexibility and Flexibility;

  • Agility and Mobility;

  • Reflexes.

the Kung Fu is a noble martial art that advocates and promotes many values. It is active training that also develops moral and mental strength. A regular practice of Kung Fu therefore allows many benefits to both body and mind. We also invite you to consult our Code of ethics  at INSTINCT MARTIAL. These guidelines, established for our martial arts school in Quebec, will help to better guide you in your martial journey.​​

- FIRE -

The external aspect of this martial art aims to strengthen the body as a whole. Its aim is to develop strength and endurance. It is for this general reason that external styles are typically taught first. In this way, the practitioner can achieve the motor coordination and body awareness required to advance towards an internal style. The external style offered by INSTINCT MARTIAL includes both forms with bare hands and some with weapons. We offer a wide variety of basic and advanced forms that emphasize physical strength, cardiovascular endurance, wide stances and fluidity of movement. The various traditional weapons taught include the Straight Sword (Jian), the sword (Dao), spear (Qiang) and the Staff (Gun).


The internal aspect emphasizes the union of the flexibility and some hardness. Therefore, this style is a necessary step towards understanding art as a whole. The internal work encircles the same principles as the external style, but with a greater attention to the breath and the spirit than to the body. Having a calm mind is a crucial element in the goal of a balanced life and, for this reason, it is most of the time the most difficult aspect to achieve.


Kung Fu Wudang is characterized by movements of great fluidity. The body is flexible and agile in its movements. Here, speed and strength merge with flexibility and fluidity. This style of Kung Fu combines muscle contractions and relaxations during strikes. To image the dynamics of movement, we can literally represent it as a whiplash. The energy must imperatively leave the ground to go up through the body. Hence the importance of being well relaxed so as not to hinder the flow of energy. Understanding this approach requires diligent and constant practice.

In short, it is a combination of several concepts that leads to perfection of movement in practice. A search for the perfect balance! Kung Fu Wudang as taught at INSTINCT MARTIAL aims for excellence both in the quality of execution and in the technique.


For Kung Fu lessons in Quebec, trust INSTINCT MARTIAL. Our qualified and passionate instructors are there to accompany you in a martial arts practice that will be both enjoyable and beneficial. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, our Kung Fu school allows you to evolve at your own pace while taking advantage of the motivation of others and instructors in order to always progress and surpass yourself.


Our premises are located at 990 Route de l'Eglise (suite 250) in the Sainte-Foy sector in Quebec.


Are you interested in the practice of Kung Fu? Are you intrigued by this traditional martial art and would you like to benefit from its many benefits for body and mind? Find out for yourself by taking advantage of our free trial.

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