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INSTINCT MARTIAL offers you a bodyweight fitness class, perfect to complete your fitness and develop new skills. This workout TRX is for everyone. Whether you are into martial arts, running or any other sport, the wide variety of TRX exercises are for you. We offer a full functional training and ideal for increasing both muscle strength and endurance.


Discover the potential of TRX circuit exercises! Train in a dynamic environment with instructors qualified and experienced. INSTINCT MARTIAL offers you group TRX classes in Quebec. During these sessions, increase your power, endurance, stability, agility and speed. Thanks to a system of suspended straps, which adapts according to the morphology of each one. At INSTINCT MARTIAL, we offer a very unique type of training combining TRX, resistance bands, calisthenics blocks, weighted balls andKettlebells. Additionally, all of our exercises are accessible and adapted, no matter your level!​

  • Duration of TRX workouts: 60 minutes

  • In a small group, you will benefit from coaching that is both motivating and effective!

  • Where to follow our TRX courses in Quebec? In the building Le QG, on Route de l'Eglise, in the Sainte-Foy sector. Take advantage of the free indoor parking offered to you when you take our courses at INSTINCT MARTIAL.

Super expérience au cours de TRX le dimanche. Court très complet alliant cardio, muscu et stabilité. Michael notre pro était simplement génial. Belle approche professionnelle! Un gros merci!

- Elisabeth Lacombe


The type of training that we offer makes it possible to solicit and effectively tone all the muscle groups. Thus, just like the Kung Fu that we teach, our TRX training allows you to acquire a so-called functional physical form which, on a daily basis, allows you to perform efforts more efficiently. In this course we work using body weight and various complementary equipment aimed at improving your physical performance. Your stability will be put to use, as will the coordination of the various movements.

In other words, with our TRX courses in Quebec, endurance, flexibility, strength and balance are there! TRX exercises therefore offer considerable advantages for a good overall physical shape.

Here is, in summary, the many aspects solicited by this type of training:

  • Stabilizing muscles;

  • Muscular strength and power;

  • Sheathing and body understanding;

  • Cardiovascular and muscular endurance;

  • Motor coordination;

  • Body balance;

  • Impulse;

  • and much more !

Discover for yourself the benefits and the enormous potential that our TRX course on your body and your health. Take advantage now of our free trial!

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