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The intention behind the practice of martial arts

Traditional martial arts, as taught at INSTINCT MARTIAL, have a mission to promote health and well-being. With regular practice, they provide many benefits for both body and mind. But the intention behind the practice of martial arts goes even further. Let's discover together what an effective practice of martial arts should lead us to.

What are the benefits associated with the practice of martial arts?

Martial arts require discipline and rigor that allow you to derive many benefits, both physical and psychological.

The benefits for the body

Although each martial art is different in many ways, all martial arts have in common that they are beneficial for overall health and physical well-being.

They represent perfect examples of complete physical exercises. Done well, they can even prevent some sports injuries. Overall, a regular practice of martial arts allows tangible and lasting benefits on different aspects:

  • cardiovascular health;

  • muscle building;

  • endurance ;

  • flexibility;

  • coordination;

  • and more !

Benefits for the mind: a legitimate intention of martial arts

In addition to the intention of improving one's physical condition, martial arts also allow benefits on another aspect: mental health as well as psychological well-being.

In our martial arts education at Instinct Martial, we advocate the importance of a good balance between body and mind as well as a healthy lifestyle.

With good discipline, we believe in the benefits of practicing martial arts on a regular basis for:

  • his self-confidence;

  • concentration ;

  • self control ;

  • good management of stress and anxiety;

  • and even more !

Why engage in the practice of martial arts?

Engaging in the practice of a martial art implies devoting a part of oneself to it. But why decide to go this route? What is, personally, your intention behind the practice of martial arts?

The intention behind your training says a lot about you, about the character you are building. Training for the sole purpose of fighting, injuring or defeating others cannot bring anything positive, either internally or around you. Martial efficiency is certainly an objective to be achieved, but for what purpose and for what reasons?

  • Practicing martial arts for its physical and mental benefits

As we described earlier, the benefits of such a practice are felt in both physical and mental health. This reason alone might be enough to convince one to follow the path of martial arts.

  • Choose martial arts for your lifestyle

At INSTINCT MARTIAL, our martial arts education is based on the importance we place on a healthy lifestyle. Through diligent training and the transmission of the moral values ​​that are important to us, we want to encourage you to adopt a harmonious and balanced way of life that will follow you in everyday life.

  • Engage in martial arts to become a better person

But, the real intention behind the practice of martial arts can go even further. By teaching the martial art, our primary mission is to guide you in a healthy and strengthening way to lead you to become better people. A better person both for yourself, but also for everyone around you.

Probably the biggest battle we fight in life is against time. It is a fight in which we can only slow down the effects, by taking care of our body and cultivating our mind. The toughest opponent we have to face is undoubtedly ourselves. We are our biggest obstacle to evolve, to change, to break bad habits to establish better ones.

In the end, several intentions can be behind the practice of martial arts. Whether it is for the health benefits, for the associated lifestyle or for the purpose of improving yourself as a person, the important thing is to ensure that your intention is noble.

At all times, throughout your journey and your learning, you can count on Instinct Martial to support you and guide you to the best of yourself.

We even offer to take advantage of a free trial in our offices in Quebec in order to live the experience with us.

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