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INSTINCT MARTIAL offers a unique business coaching service. The objective is to approach Kung Fu by bringing together different themes: training, complementary approach, self-defense, etc. Our programs adapt to your needs.

  • Group training;

  • Team Building;

  • Discovery session.


Offer real physical and mental well-being to your employees.

Give your employees a gift by improving their quality of life with martial arts and/or physical conditioning sessions that they can easily incorporate into their daily lives.


At INSTINCT MARTIAL, we have developed an advantageous corporate agreement so that companies can take care of their employees!

Activité corporative : Initiation au Kung Fu :) Super expérience. 90 minutes de plaisir ! et de découvertes. Bonne ouverture de l'organisation pour nous aider à réaliser une activité à notre goût. Merci

- Isabelle Mainguy


With our corporate agreements, take advantage of an employee discount of 10% applicable on unlimited subscriptions and à la carte sessions at regular price.

Plan private lessons adapted to your needs directly in your company.

Organize private lessons for your employees in our studio and take advantage of our high-end facilities.

In addition, the practice of martial arts is known to bring multiple benefits in terms of concentration and self-control. This is a rewarding activity that promotes the creation of lasting bonds and complicity between employees. 



Being able to count on employees in good physical and psychological health represents a significant advantage for any company, both on a human and financial level. Indeed, the practice of physical activities can have a positive influence on the performance of employees and, consequently, on that of organizations. At INSTINCT MARTIAL, we firmly believe that promoting the practice of physical activities has the potential to increase business performance:

  • by reducing absenteeism and promoting staff productivity;

  • by optimizing health and safety at work;

  • by promoting a healthy work climate;

  • by attracting and retaining the best talent;

  • by improving the image of the company;

  • by generating positive economic benefits.

Furthermore, an organization that encourages the regular practice of physical activities indirectly contributes to improving the satisfaction of its employees at work, which would have a marked impact on their performance and, ultimately, on that of the organization. The practice of physical activities therefore represents a means of optimizing the productivity of an organization.

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