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The benefits of TRX training

How well do you know TRX training? Are you able to identify the main advantages of its practice? Over time, we notice that the different methods to keep in shape are constantly evolving. They adapt to the new realities and constraints of everyday life.

At INSTINCT MARTIAL, we firmly believe that incorporating TRX into a regular routine can bring a host of benefits. Let's discover together the main benefits of TRX training on your health and well-being.

What is the origin of TRX training?

In order to fully understand its benefits, let's first take a look at the meaning of the acronym TRX. These three letters actually refer to the English terms Total Resistance Exercise. Originally, this training was designed by an American soldier looking for a way to train that had to meet certain criteria:

  1. require a minimum of equipment;

  2. respect the possibility of being carried out in a restricted space;

  3. while using equipment that can easily be transported with him in operation.

This man therefore came up with the ingenious idea of ​​using parachute straps. Attached quickly to almost any place, it became possible for him to train effectively everywhere. This is how Randy Hetrick, Navy SEAL commando, invented the TRX. Since its introduction in the early 2000s, the TRX has immediately become an essential activity in various gyms around the world.

What is TRX all about?

Have you ever noticed those famous black and yellow straps in a gym or training room? If so, then you already know a little about the TRX. Also known as a bodyweight suspension trainer, all that is needed to practice TRX therefore comes down to these straps, along with the force of gravity and your own body.

Why Choose TRX Workout?

Opting for the regular practice of this exercise in your fitness process is also choosing to take advantage of the many benefits that TRX training provides.

The TRX: a complete and balanced workout

One of the main advantages of TRX training is that it represents a perfect example of a complete exercise. Working on muscle strengthening, flexibility, balance, coordination and endurance, suspension training is therefore an effective way to improve your physical condition.

Global muscular work that has proven itself

By training with the TRX, almost every muscle in your body will be put to the test! And rest assured, the stabilizing muscles are certainly not forgotten. The practice of TRX is therefore an excellent way to strengthen your abs.

Among the main muscle groups solicited by the TRX, we find in particular:

  • Arms (biceps and triceps for example);

  • Glutes;

  • Back muscles;

  • Abs;

  • Legs ;

  • Shoulders;

  • and even more.

The many benefits of TRX on one's own well-being and health

By working the body in such a holistic way, regular practice of a TRX workout has immense beneficial potential for both its well-being (mental health) and its physical health. This exercise combines different priority aspects of almost all training programs: muscular strength, stability and cardiovascular endurance.

Moreover, as with any good physical activity, its psychological benefits are just as important. To move is indeed to do good to both body and mind.

Want to try TRX for yourself? Come and take advantage of a free trial lesson at Instinct Martial, in our offices in Quebec.

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