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Kung Fu Feiyue shoes: what to know about these shoes?

Are you a martial arts fan? Are you looking for a minimalist training shoe? It is then quite possible that you already know the shoes of Kung Fu Feiyue. Let's see together what there is to know about these popular shoes of Chinese origin that delight many martial arts enthusiasts all over the world.

What is the origin of Feiyue shoes?

Searching for the origin of Feiyue shoes leads us to travel a little, both on the globe and in time. You have to travel to the districts of Shanghai and go back to the 1920s to witness their very first appearance.

Growing popularity across China

The popularity of these shoes subsequently gradually grew across China. Used as much in everyday life as by some politicians in the country, these shoes also quickly became associated with the world of martial arts. Indeed, these minimalist shoes were worn, among others, by the monks of the Shaolin temple.

Feiyue shoes in the 2000s

Today, the shoe brand is known around the world. Their popularity has indeed undergone a real surge. This is also the meaning of the name Feiyue: "to fly away / to cross". These minimalist espadrilles, popular for their particular look, are now distributed in around twenty countries. In 2006, the company then truly imposed itself on European and international soil by establishing its head office in France.

Feiyue shoes therefore come from China originally. Over time, however, they have been able to adapt to the reality of the global market. All this, while still keeping inspirations from their early days.

Why choose Feiyue shoes?

The great popularity of these shoes is no accident. Indeed, several features explain why they have charmed so many consumers since the very beginning, both for training and for everyday activities.

Comfortable minimalist shoes

Two characteristics inevitably associated with Feiyue shoes are:

  • their minimalist appearance;

  • and the comfort they provide.

Despite their thin and flexible sole, these shoes also have an impressive sturdiness. But it is undoubtedly their light and comfortable side that makes them so popular with everyone.

Authentic style

Admittedly, many people choose to buy these shoes for their style! And we can understand them. Feiyue shoes indeed have an authentic and vintage look that knows how to stand out and makes them unique.

Feiyue shoes: an ideal training shoe for Kung Fu and other martial arts

Even today, these shoes remain associated with the world of martial arts. You will also be able to meet many Kung Fu enthusiasts with these shoes on their feet. Lightweight and flexible, the Feiyue have the necessary characteristics to be used as an ideal training shoe for those who regularly practice Kung Fu, Karate, or Tai Chi for example.

Would you like to try this kind of Kung Fu shoes for your martial arts practice? Feiyue training shoes can be purchased directly from our online store.

Good training !!

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