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INSTINCT MARTIAL invites you to discover in partnership with YOGA AVENUE a complete Yoga schedule in a very unique Yoga studio in Quebec!

Our courses are intended for all those who wish to initiate or deepen their yoga practice. In our premises in Quebec, you will benefit from a comprehensive approach adapted to everyone. Our Yoga classes are perfect to meet your needs, both for physical conditioning, self-control and to calm the mind. The development of muscular strength, endurance and flexibility are all aspects put forward!

What makes YOGA AVENUE different from other studios?

YOGA AVENUE is a modern and warm welcoming Yoga studio that stands out for its human and personalized approach. Our mission is to share the benefits of practicing Yoga on a daily basis. Join our team of inspiring and committed teachers and let yourself be transported to a better version of yourself. We offer a wide variety of courses that will suit everyone. Our heated room also allows us to offer several varieties of hot yoga!


We are located in the heart of Sainte-Foy in the QG building. Discover our premium facilities and amenities. Take advantage of free indoor parking for our members.

YOGA AVENUE, your YOGA destination in Quebec!


The practice of Kung Fu represents a functional training which makes it possible to develop a multitude of beneficial skills:

  • Motor coordination;

  • Strength and Power;

  • Cardiorespiratory and muscular endurance;

  • Flexibility and Flexibility;

  • Agility and Mobility;

  • Reflexes.

the Kung Fu is a noble martial art that advocates and promotes many values. It is active training that also develops moral and mental strength. A regular practice of Kung Fu therefore allows many benefits to both body and mind. We also invite you to consult our Code of ethics  at INSTINCT MARTIAL. These guidelines, established for our martial arts school in Quebec, will help to better guide you in your martial journey.​​

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