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Welcome to the forefront of fitness! Instinct Martial redefines the group fitness experience with our exhilarating selection of classesBoxing Fitness. Whatever your level, our range of courses is designed to propel you towards your well-being goals, in rhythm with our dynamic community. 


Beat Boxing is a fusion of boxing and fitness where participants perform boxing combinations driven by music. Every punch and movement is guided by rhythm, creating a captivating experience and letting off steam while working on endurance and strength.

Beat Cardio is a course focused on improving cardiovascular and muscular endurance and very good for weight loss. Through bodyweight exercises and intense cardio sequences, participants burn calories and strengthen their core, all while having fun to upbeat music.

Cross Training is a dynamic workout that combines functional, cardiovascular and muscular exercises. Suitable for all levels, it improves strength, endurance and flexibility. Each session offers a unique challenge, strengthening the ability to perform daily tasks. Ideal for complete and harmonious physical development.

Instinct Martial is more than just a gym, it's a movement, a close-knit community where every punch and every drop of sweat brings you closer to your best form. Join us and transform yourself, one round at a time!


Our Fitness Boxing represents complete functional training that allows you to develop a lot of beneficial skills:

  • A good coordination;

  • Strength and power ;

  • Herendurance (both cardiorespiratory and muscular);

  • Balance and stability;

  • Agility and mobility (through rapid and explosive movements);

  • Good reflexes as well as a quick reaction time.

Our classes represents a discipline which, like the Kung Fu, advocates and puts forward numerous values. This is an active training which also develops moral and mental strength.


You are interested to follow a Boxing Fitness classes in Quebec ? Take advantage of our free try to experience it for yourself. We also invite you to consult our Code of ethics which aims to guide you throughout your martial journey.​​

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