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INSTINCT MARTIAL invites you to discover Taiji Quan (or Tai Chi Chuan). It is a traditional Chinese internal martial art. That is to say that the emphasis is placed on the cultivation of the body, the mind and the breath, in order to develop flexible and fluid movements, as well as an internal power free from tension.


«Tai Chi aims for a practice of health and longevity.»

This course is intended for all those who, whatever their level, wish to learn the practice of Tai Chi. You will benefit from specific and adapted training, as well as an approach dedicated to internal work and the culture of breathing.

What defines Tai Chi?

Tai Chi combines the art of combat with the notions of Taoist wisdom and alchemy. Based on the principles of Yin and Yang, it is an art that skilfully combines mobility and stillness, speed and slowness, strength and flexibility. All Tai Chi movements incorporate balance and harmony of up and down, left and right, forward and back, in continuous, uninterrupted sequences. Each gesture is conscious, fully inhabited by a calm state of mind which infuses the slightest subtleties.

J’ai choisi Instinct martial pour les cours de Tai Chi & Qi Gong à. Les enseignants (Youness et Isabelle) sont de très bons pédagogues. Outre le fait d’apprendre les mouvements & routines, j’ai la chance d’apprendre le volet énergétique/libération du stress/mode de pensée ce qui est des plus intéressant ! J’avais choisi ces disciplines pour renforcer la santé de mes articulations et je peux témoigner des bienfaits que j’expérimente (augmenter la mobilité et soulager chevilles; genoux; hanches et région lombaire). Dans une ambiance amicale et respectueuse, j’ai la chance d’améliorer ma santé et d’évacuer avec rapidité une grande quantité de stress.

- Nathalie Drapeau


To learn Tai Chi is to learn a new way of moving the body, it is to transform your body and your mind... it is a way of life in itself. The sustained practice of Tai Chi Chuan brings, among others, the following benefits:

  •   Development of a calm and unperturbed state of mind;

  •   Better management of stress and emotions;

  •   Improved flexibility and dexterity;

  •  Body strengthening;

  •   Increased energy level;

  •  Strengthening the immune system;

  •   Improved balance and prevention of falls, etc.

You will also see:

  • A routine of 24 movements: A flowing and graceful routine that condenses the essence of Chen style Tai Chi.

  • The fundamental principles of Tai Chi: The mechanics of movement and internal work.

  • Static postures: How to develop relaxation and internal power.

  • Therapeutic Qigong exercises for health and martial development.

  • Exercises to unroll the silk: Movements of circle, spiral and rotation to untie the body, the joints and to undo the tensions.

  • Relaxation exercises: Immerse yourself in a deep relaxation of the whole body and an energetic feeling.

  • Theoretical notions on Tai Chi, Taoism, alchemy and Chinese medicine: Immerse yourself in Taoist wisdom and philosophy. Yin and Yang, the acupuncture meridians, the Dan Tian, etc.

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