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Do you want to progress more quickly and benefit from training tailored to your needs? Instinct Martial offers you a unique formula in private lessons! You will have access to quality teaching and personalized follow-up! Enjoy competent service with highly qualified instructors. 


Whether you are experienced or want to start the practice of Kung Fu, private lessons can be an interesting solution for those with a variable or irregular schedule, or if you have particular interests or very specific objectives.

Nous avons effectué un cours semi privé avec mes amis, groupe de 5, Michael a été très disponible avant le cours pour la prise d’horaire et la composition du cours. Nous avons fait une initiation au kung-fu et nous avons adoré notre expérience. Michael s’est bien adapté à notre niveau et forme physique et nous en avons eu pour notre argent! Très belle découverte et très beau spot. Je recommande !

- Arnaud Gauthier


Each of our instructors has solid practical and teaching experience. They know how to listen to your aspirations, while guiding your actions and your training to achieve your goals. Rest assured that the practice of Kung Fu will bring you multiple benefits!

Here are some of the advantages of taking advantage of the private lesson formula:

  • Flexible schedule: You choose your day or the schedule that suits you best. In addition, courses can be held on our premises or elsewhere in the vicinity of Quebec.

  • Learn at your own pace: Go according to your interests and especially at your own pace!

  • Focus on your goals: You have the opportunity to focus on the aspects that are important to you and thus focus on achieving your goals.

  • Progress quickly: Private lesson sessions allow you to progress quickly while benefiting from personalized follow-up.

You can focus your training on the following aspects:

  • Fitness;

  • Personalized fitness program adapted to your goals; 

  • Martial improvement;

  • Weapon handling

  • Flexibility and mobility.​

Book your private lesson now!

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