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INSTINCT MARTIAL offers you a specialized course in Applied Self-Defense, an essential complementary approach to your martial practice!

This course is intended for all those who wish to learn and become aware of the concept of self-defense. You will benefit from a complete and adapted training, ideal to perfect your needs, both in terms of physical conditioning and self-control. Develop your reflexes, your confidence and your confidence!

Why choose the Self-Defense course with INSTINCT MARTIAL?

Our Self-Defense course offers teaching based on real-life situations and the application of concrete techniques. Specially designed for adults and children, these courses will meet the different realities of today. You will see a multitude of unique routines and exercises. This discipline is characterized by the practice of applied techniques of formidable efficiency.


Through the practice of this discipline, develops the ability to apprehend with discernment potentially risky situations.


The practice of self-defense techniques allows you to develop a host of skills:

  • Apprehension of fear of confrontation

  • Efficiency and self-control

  • Spatial awareness

  • Knowledge of the human body and vital points

  • Discernment and judgment

  • Reflexes and reaction times

This self-defense course is a martial system that promotes and promotes many values. It is active training that also develops moral and mental strength. We invite you to consult our Code of ethics  to guide you on your martial journey.​​

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