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I started my practice of Kung Fu in 2004 in Quebec. Quickly, I discovered a real passion for this martial art. My first trip to China in 2006, to the legendary Shaolin temple, made me discover the intensity and authenticity of Chinese training. Subsequently, in 2007, I repeated the experience. This time, I turned to the renowned Traditional Taoist Wudang Kung Fu Academy with the one who would become my master, Shifu Yuan Xiu Gang, a 15th generation disciple of the Wudang San Feng lineage.


In 2010, I started teaching Kung Fu on my own. My desire has always been to offer and elevate the practice of Kung Fu in Quebec, both in terms of its quality and its intensity. On many occasions, I returned to Wudangshan to perfect my art with my master by perfecting the handling of weapons such as the stick, the sword and the saber but also the so-called basic techniques, as well as many forms to bare hands. In 2014, by association, I created Kung Fu Quebec.

At the same time in 2020, I officially launch my personal project which takes shape under the name of Instinct Martial. My goal remains the same as when I started: to share my knowledge and my passion for Kung Fu!

A journey of a thousand miles always begins with a first step.

Lao Tzu

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I have been practicing Kung Fu on a regular basis for over 15 years now. Over time, it literally became a way of life. The benefits of constant practice are multiple and tangible. Years of practice, numerous stays in China and advanced seminars have allowed me to acquire the necessary experience to teach this art. My desire to pass on this passion that drives me pushed me in 2010 to start my own school. Providing education and a unique training experience in Quebec are without a doubt my main objectives. Wudang Kung Fu is an art with thousands of years of practice. This is a long term job. To move forward in this universe, you need a lot of determination. At first, this may seem confusing, or even impossible for some. Learning requires time and self-knowledge to realize one's full potential. We all have this strength within us, like a rough diamond that needs to be polished to shine.

I have always been demanding of myself. I am a perfectionist. It shows in my way of teaching. I always ask for the best from my students. I believe that you have to get out of your comfort zone to really progress. This applies to many areas of our life. I want to bring my students to their full potential. Kung Fu, as I learned, is very demanding physically and mentally. It takes a lot of personal discipline. It is a long road strewn with obstacles. Developing strength of character is also part of the process.

The values transmitted by Kung Fu such as respect for oneself and others, modesty, patience, determination all aim to lead us to be better people in everyday life. It is a mistake to see Kung Fu only as a means of fighting or self-defense. Quite the contrary, non-violence is a value well anchored in the majority of martial arts. Like what: "The best fight is the one we avoid". In Kung Fu, the objective is truly to develop physical skills and to raise one's awareness of the spirit. Becoming aware of your body to push it to reach a certain level of flexibility is also an essential aspect. Many problems, ailments and injuries are linked to a lack of flexibility. Stretching is often overlooked or trivialized. However, it is the key to preserving the body and ensuring well-being over the years. As you get older, the years eventually bring out bad posture habits or deficient lifestyles.


Wudang Kung Fu is characterized by movements of great fluidity. The body is flexible and agile in its movements. Here, speed and strength merge with flexibility and fluidity. The combination of muscle contractions and relaxations during strikes recalls certain typical aspects of Tai Chi. To image the dynamics of movement, we can represent it as a whiplash. The energy must imperatively leave the ground to go up through the body. Hence the importance of being relaxed so as not to hinder the flow of energy. Understanding this approach requires diligent and constant practice.

Positions during workouts are low and wide. The center of gravity is mostly offset to allow maximum torsion of the body. Rooting in the ground is essential to develop good stability. To achieve this, a multitude of exercises aimed at strengthening and developing muscle building and leg endurance. The posture of the body is intended to be straight and slightly projected forward to increase the range of the strikes.

In short, it is a combination of several concepts that leads to the perfection of movement in practice. Wudang Kung Fu as I teach it aims for excellence as much in the quality of execution as in the technique.



Master Yuan Xiu Gang, born in 1971, is a 15th generation Wudang San Feng lineage disciple. This prestigious line dates back to the 14th century when Zhang San Feng created Tai Ji Quan  after being illuminated by the Dao.

I am proud to promote his teaching in Quebec City. Like me, Master Yuan has always been passionate about martial arts. He started practicing when he was 7 years old. Going through the renamed shaolin temple where he developed a solid foundation in Kung Fu. Subsequently, he left to perfect his knowledge and understanding of internal martial arts au Mount Wudang. This is literally the cradle of Taoism and the internal style. Master Yuan was welcomed by the great Master Zhong Yun Long and thus became his disciple. Since that day, he has actively participated in the development of Kung Fu and its teaching in China and throughout the world.

Master Yuan recognizes the quality and supports me in teaching Kung Fu Wudang in Quebec. It is an honor and a pride for me to appear on the official website of the Wudang Daoist Traditional Internal Kung Fu Academy.

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