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This course is intended for young people aged 4 to 7 who wish to begin their learning of the world of martial arts. To learn to run, your little ones must first learn to walk.


« Little by little, the bird makes its nest »

Mainly in the form of educational games, young people will learn in groups to develop their potential by learning to execute the different basic positions of Kung Fu, including sequences of combinations.

In addition, this course will allow your child to develop his sense of balance and his motor skills through various workshops such as acrobatics on the ground and through a host of specific exercises. Our aim is also to develop their flexibility and spatial awareness. At this age, acquiring a sense of spatial orientation and maintaining a good level of flexibility are essential elements in their progression to Kung Fu.

Un superbe endroit, une superbe équipe ! Notre enfant a débuté les cours d'éveil à 4 ans, elle a développé une vraie passion pour le Kung-Fu. Elle adore ses cours ! Merci Michael et Instinct Martial !

- Rachel Baillargeon


  • Fundamental movements and other skills;

  • balancing games;

  • Simple floor acrobatics;

  • Development and maintenance of their flexibility;

  • Spatial perception;

  • Motor coordination.

In addition, the practice of martial arts is recognized for its multiple benefits in terms of concentration, self-confidence and self-control. The traditional Chinese Kung Fu that we teach involves notions of discipline and respect for others.

Discover the essence of traditional Chinese Kung Fu in a safe and stimulating environment with qualified and experienced instructors.

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