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CHINA 2024 🇨🇳

Live an unforgettable experience

Nĭ Hăo!

For the past few years, a great project has been running through my mind and heart. And now is the time to make it happen: I invite you to live a unique experience by accompanying me on a memorable adventure: a martial training course in Wudangshan!

Having traveled many times to China, you will benefit from my experiences which will greatly facilitate your discovery of this fabulous country. The language barrier being a major obstacle for the majority of people, I take care of all the organizational logistics. However, I want to involve you in the development of the tourist itinerary, because beyond experiencing the authenticity and intensity of Chinese martial training, my goal is also to make you live an unforgettable journey within the Middle Kingdom.

Whether your interest lies in the practice of Tai Chi, Qi Gong or Kung Fu you can choose from the wide range of the Wudang curriculum. You will be accompanied by high-level instructors and will have the chance to rub shoulders with my Master Yuan.

Who is this trip for:

Open to everyone, beginners, intermediates and advanced!

* children under 18 must complete parental authorization


Please enter your email address to receive the qualification form.

Please note that for security reasons, all registration requests will be analyzed to qualify you. Submit your registration request below to receive the selection form by email.

Afterwards, if your application is approved, you will receive a confirmation by email. A first deposit of $355 must be paid in order for your reservation to be completed. Thereafter, several payment methods will be offered to you.

Thank you !


The monasteries of the Wudang Mountains were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994.

The Wudang Mountains (simplified Chinese: 武当山; pinyin wǔdāng shān; or Wudang Mountains, are a mountain range south of the prefectural city of Shiyan in Hubei Province, China. It is considered one of the cradles of Taoist internal martial arts such as taiji quan or bagua zhang which developed from the 18th century.

In the program

From June 28 to July 31 – 33 days

12 places available

  • 3 weeks of training;

  • 1 week of tourism (itinerary to be determined);​

  • Departure from Quebec on June 28 (to be determined);

  • Arrival in Beijing;

  • Arrive in Wudang by train;

  • Return to Quebec on July 31 (to be determined);

  • Room in double occupancy;

  • Private shower and toilet;

  • 3 meals per day included;

Tourism itinerary: (to be determined)

Many possibilities are offered to us as for the itinerary of tourism. I want you to see China differently. Highly touristic places are not always the most memorable *for having visited them!

I want you to live an unforgettable journey, discover breathtaking landscapes and an authentic martial experience.

In addition, when your registration is complete, I will give you a preparatory guide. You will find a list of key words and phrases to familiarize yourself with Mandarin. I will also organize practical workshops.

Total cost: $3550 + tax*

$355 deposit

*prices may be subject to change without notice depending on market fluctuations.




Qi Gong/ Tai Chi/ Kung Fu




Morning training




Afternoon training




Evening training



Procedures for obtaining the visa;

Obtaining the official invitation with Master Yuan;

Martial training

Meals and accommodation (martial component);

Tour guide service;

Planning / organization;

Guide and preparatory workshops;


Fees for the travel visa;

Fees for the travel visa;

Meals and accommodation (tourism component);

Inland transport;

Personal expenses;

Additional baggage fees;

Personal insurance;


Grande muraille
Purple Temple
Cité interdite
Terracotta Warriors
Giant Buddha
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