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INSTINCT MARTIAL invites you to discover the Cardio Boxing : a training cardiovascular efficient, complete and technical!

Cardio Boxing is a form of physical training whose basic techniques are derived from many disciplines such as kick boxing, English boxing and Thai boxing. The sequences of movements are simple but intense.
The objective of this Classes is to perfect your boxing technique and use drills and movements to work on your cardio.  There is thus an emphasis on energy expenditure and complete fitness, through a course rhythmic and dynamic. Between the work of boxing techniques in the void (shadowboxing) or on a target, physical conditioning exercises and jump rope sessions, you will expend a lot of energy.
Cardio Boxing is a very popular class. This is probably explained by the fact that it is a discipline that brings quick results and works the body in its entirety by soliciting both the upper and lower body. We offer a variety of workouts suitable for everyone.

Why practice Cardio Boxing at INSTINCT MARTIAL?

At INSTINCT MARTIAL, our martial arts school offers a wide variety of different disciplines. Kung Fu, Tai Chi, TRX training, Self-defense, Parent-Child Kung Fu, there's sure to be a course to suit your needs. All our disciplines are taught by passionate instructors who will be able to pass on their knowledge to you in a progressive and structured way. All in a pleasant setting and with a perspective of progression that is personalized to your objectives and your progress.


The Cardio Boxing  represents complete functional training that helps develop a host of beneficial skills:

  • A goodmotor coordination;

  • Develop strength and Power;

  • His endurance  (both cardiorespiratory and muscular);

  • Balance and stability;

  • Agility and mobility (through rapid and explosive movements);

  • Good reflexes as well as a fast reaction time.

Cardio Boxing represents a discipline which, like the Kung Fu, advocates and puts forward many values. This is an active training which also develops moral and mental strength.


Are you interested in a Cardio Boxing classes in Quebec? Take advantage of our free trial to live the experience for yourself. We also invite you to consult our Code of ethics  which aims to guide you throughout your martial journey.​​

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